New Servant Leader Screening Process:

  1.  Application:
    1. All interested volunteers must complete the volunteer application form and consent to a background check.
  2. Background Check:
    1. Each interested CYM Servant Leader must complete a background check. If you have been convicted of any type of crime related to children or minors you cannot serve in any capacity of The CYM. As a body of believers we firmly believe in restoration and redemption of persons who have committed offenses. However, we do not condone or create environments that are harmful to our children and youth.
  3. Interview with Youth Pastor:
    1. All prospects are required to complete an interview with the Youth Pastor and/or a Servant Leader.
  4. Complete CYM Orientation:
    1. Orientation will be conducted by the Youth Pastor or a Servant Leader. The time and location will be announced once you have been cleared to serve.
  5. Introduction to the CYM Family:
    1. You will have the opportunity to meet and greet the awesome CYM servant leaders that you will serve with on your designated service date/time.
  6. Issuance of CYM Badge and Uniforms.
  7. Welcome to The CYM, you are now an official CYM Servant Leader!


Activities Coordinator 

Task: Responsible for creating engaging activities for the children’s ministry that promote spiritual, social and cultural growth. Must be able to plan activities from start to finish.

Arts & Crafts Coordinator 

Task: Responsible for developing arts & crafts teaching programs, in general arts and crafts, drawing, painting, ceramics, etc. They are also responsible for completing purchase orders, inventorying, and maintaining arts and crafts equipment, supplies and locations.

Decision Counselor 

Task: Leads youth in the process of making a decision of faith in Christ or joining Mt. Zion. After the youth has decided to follow Christ, the decision counselor is responsible for following-up via a phone call. Decision counselors should connect youth the New Members ministry. All servant leaders MUST be trained/approved decision counselors. 


Task: Responsible for checking each student into the database upon their entry into the worship room. After the check-in process is complete, the gatekeeper is expected to govern the in-and-out traffic of the youth.


Task: Stands outside of the worship room and joyfully greets students as they enter…no student enters without acknowledgement.


Task: Ensures that all forms of technology are prepped for service; including set-up and breakdown of audio and video equipment. The media specialist performs pre-service test runs of videos, audios, and visual presentation.

Protocol Leader 

Task: Commits to maintaining the order and flow of worship services, events, and trips. A protocol leader is responsible for briefing servant leaders of the worship script and task assignments. Protocol leaders are expected to maintain timeliness.


Task: Growing disciple who commits to “doing life” with the students. A shepherd agrees to add students into their lives and disciple them in Christ. Shepherds will pray diligently for their youth, prepare small group lessons, teach God’s word, and engages each youth in their group. Shepherds will lead small groups up to 10 youth.


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