Bookstore & Christian Resource Ministry

A self-sustaining entity of the church with all proceeds funneled back into it to obtain more spiritual class books, bibles, and other Christian-related merchandise.  We provide CD’s and DVD’s of sermons and church events, as well as Christian music, books and other items to strengthen Christians in their walk with Christ.

The bookstore is located in the church lobby and is open after each worship service and Wednesday evenings after Bible Study.

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Hospitality Ministry

Hospitality provides assistance and greetings to those attending worship services and other church functions as directed.  Additionally, this ministry displays Christian faith by expressing social warmth and graciousness.  We provide church-related information to current members, guests and visitors with the purpose of promoting a blessed worship experience.

The Hospitality Ministry meets in Room 105 each 2nd Sunday after the 10:00 a.m. worship service.

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Food Service Ministry

Prepares food and beverage in the church’s commercial-grade kitchen which adjoins our Fellowship Hall.  From repasts after funerals, church business meetings, and special events throughout the year, this is vibrant and skilled culinary ministry.

Meetings are based on event schedule.

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Media Ministry

Our Media Ministry serves in a variety of capacities.  From management of all audio and video requirements of our worship services, i.e., manning our automated camera vantage points, operation of our media screens, and regulating sound to ensure a seamless technical worship experience.

This ministry is the ‘behind-the-scenes’ workforce – and the unsung heroes – who assist our pastor, choir and other facets of  the worship experience.  As a result of their efforts, our Bookstore can offer for purchase CDs and DVDs of worship services.

Media also enables Mt. Zion to provide CDs and DVDs of worship services to our sick & shut-in members, college students and to those away serving in the military.

The Media Ministry schedules their meetings at varying times, based on the needs of the church and its ministries.

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Pastor Appreciation Ministry

Leads the congregation in offering support and sensitivity to the personal needs and functions of the pastor and his family.  This ministry also supports and recognizes Mt. Zion’s clergy staff.  Our ministry is committed to prayer and devotion on behalf of the pastor, his family, clergy and leadership of the church.

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Parking Ministry

An interactive, people oriented ministry designed to ensure a safe and welcoming experience to all who come to Mt. Zion.

Their duties include ensuring that maximum use is made of all available parking spaces and that all vehicles driven to the church for Sunday services or special events are parked, secured, and led in and out safely. This ministry also ensures pedestrian safety in the areas outside the church.

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Security Ministry

To provide a safe and peaceful environment for the congregation to worship and to protect and serve the congregation during worship service and special events.  This ministry is purposefully placed throughout the church to protect and maintain order.

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Transportation Ministry

Provides transportation to and from church for those who otherwise wouldn’t be able to attend worship services. Transportation is also provided for special outings, i.e., special church events, youth and senior outings, Sunday school and fellowship services. Also, responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the church fleet.

To schedule pick-up for Sunday Morning worship services, contact the church office at (727) 894-4311, by 12:00 p.m. each Friday.

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Usher Ministry

Assist in making members and visitors feel welcomed and comfortable, and to lend spiritual dignity to the church service.  Also, they make certain that required worship service items are distributed to the congregation as needed and establish the tone of worshippers as they enter the Church.

Meetings are held on the first Thursday each month at 6:30 pm.

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