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MPAC is committed to:
Spiritual Maturity & Ministry Excellence

SPIRITUAL MATURITY is the objective of MPAC to engage in the totality of ministry opportunities provided by the church and leadership. We believe that in order to effectively minister through music and performing arts we must consistently engage in LEARNING and SERVING. Sunday school, prayer, bible study and conferences do this whether we are serving or not. We are to be tithers and givers and totally connected to the VISION. Our spiritual development as individuals supersedes our development as singers, musicians and performing artists. Our approach to ministry is never to entertain or fleshly perform but rather minister from our hearts and preparations. We are committed to unity within the music ministry. We submit to the order of the house and respect leadership. We are not a people of touchy feelings, easily to be offended and carry dissentions. We understand that a house divided against itself cannot nor will not stand. We minister as ONE team regardless of our different areas to present a unified ministry to represent one kingdom and that’s the kingdom of GOD. Also understanding that there will be times of misunderstandings and problems will arise, but we will handle it through established methods that will quickly bring back the focus of our purpose and ministry.

MINISTRY EXCELLENCE is done in everything we do. Although there are different thought levels of excellence, the level of excellence expected here in MPAC, is clearly articulated. We make full proof of our time in rehearsals and strategic meetings. We are committed to being on time and in place (PREPARED).We strive to always be sensitive to the Spirit and movement of God. We are committed to planning ahead in order that there is full participation and quality in all services and worship experiences. Nothing should be done in mediocrity, unprepared or vainglory. We carry and present ourselves as children of God and never in intimidation and ignorance. We are to always represent a PERFECT CHRIST and KINGDOM.

Worship plays a vital role in the life of our worship experiences. We spend that quality time with God telling Him how we feel about Him and what we believe about Him.

Our worship style is not that of tradition but rather a blend. We like our ministry to reflect our passion for God. Sometimes it’s joyfully loud and considered undignified and sometimes it’s soft and intense. Whatever it is, it’s an honest of pure expressions of how we feel about our awesome and mighty God.

The worship experience may not be what you are used to but with an open heart God will fill it with His love and presence. You won’t leave the way you came.

In our services you will find people singing, clapping, shouting, dancing, miming, crying, running, standing, sitting and even spectating but rest assure we do all things in decency and in order. The Holy Spirit is a gentleman and does not behave Himself unseemly. Yet these and other pure expressions are truly natural reactions to God’s wonderful presence and pretty well documented throughout the scriptures (bible).

As worship begins, and the Holy Spirit touches hearts, thankfulness and surrender sometimes causes us to lift our hands. “Yadah” in the Hebrew is translated as “Praise” It actually means to worship with extended hands. Lifting our hands is a sign of total surrender to Him.

We believe there are times of great joy and celebration in our church, singing and clapping our hands is an outlet for the release of our praise. We are commanded to SING unto the Lord and to make a Joyful noise. Not just noise. Psalm 47:1

If a big 3 pointer at the buzzer drives fans to their feet screaming and clapping-then God’s overwhelming presence and goodness should compel us to the same reactions.

As we realize who we are compared to the greatness of God, kneeling can become a natural outward expression of meekness, humility and submission. Psalm 95:6-7 * Luke 5:8

There is a commandment to worship GOD (John 4:24) not just in Spirit but also in Truth.We here only worship the ONE and ONLY TRUE GOD! The creator, giver and sustainer of life the Father of our Lord Savior Jesus Christ. If we need to cry, we cry. Luke 7:38 & Psalm 149:2

Dancing is a part of our praise. There are times when we become so enthused and excited we are moved by the Holy Spirit to dance. David danced before the Lord with all His might and was despised by his own wife. Yes, there will be times when your praise and dance will offend some, but your dance should be unto God and not for show or attention. Dance is an outward expression of an inward joy.

Many misinterpret shouting for dancing. You shout with your voice and dance with your feet. There are occasions in the scriptures of people shouting to Christ for His attention to heal or for hailing Him as the Messiah and King. We sometimes in our church shout with our voices to proclaim His Lordship and in concert to hail Him our King. And this should only be done in decency and in order, once again, never to draw attention to you or cause a service disturbance. When not in concert with the Spirit, shouting can become an annoyance.